It is uncomfortable—oftentimes painful—to know yourself well enough to assign yourself a functional criteria for success/failure, but if you can do so, you will know when you screwed up, and you can start learning from your mistakes.


6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I definitely agree with this… but the voice that points out you’ve made a mistake and helps you back to the path needs to be one of gentle compassion, or else this way neurosis, depression, or rage lie.

    Do you use/have you heard of Habitica? It basically turns your life goals, habits, and to-do lists into a role-playing game… surprisingly good for tracking the ups and downs of your discipline, goal-setting/achievement, and even mental health. Might be an interesting tool for you!

    (also, it’s a free thing, this is not and ad 😀 )

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    • I haven’t heard of Habitica, but I actually believe the voice can be any manner, extreme or gentle. I think it’s our responsibility to make sure it’s legit by being constantly vigilant, checking our stances and efforts against our results, and keeping ourselves in check. I’ve been led astray by the good-intentioned, gentle voices before, and also by the ones full of rage, haha!

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