As society evolves, it creates new and more insidious prisons—prisons for our time, prisons for our energy, prisons for our thoughts, prisons that are made of obligation and identity….eventually, rather than the accumulation of accolades/wealth/power or even lifestyle, I believe that our collective focus will evolve to center on freedom from ALL prisons, both tangible and intangible.


15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. So interesting. From my older…I’m not old yet…perspective, I’ll note that my grandparents born around 1908 or so saw societal and technological changes as an advance on freeing their time and energy and thoughts from mere subsistence. The daily chores were all consuming and they had little time for ‘higher’ pursuits or leisure. Notice the word ‘advance.’ I agree with you, however, that as we have developed ‘free’ time so have our politicians and the wealthy level of entrepreneurs. As always, being humans like the rest of us, they watch for opportunities. They will gladly imprison anyone to pay them who will do so. And again, like all of us, they want others to sign on to what they are passionate about. We want others to read our stories. They want others to sign on to their ideology. It may or may not be sinister. So far we can sign up or flee. When you can no longer flee, it’s time to fight the power.

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    • Not sinister at all. I believe it’s just human nature iterated in a way that’s not so pleasant for the rest of us. I sincerely believe that if we were subjected to their life experiences, we would most likely think as they do.


      • Interesting view. I’m inclined to believe that too, but I’ve known people from the same family with very similar backgrounds who turn out to make very different fundamental choices – including on how they treat others. But I suppose it could be argued that their everyday experiences were bound to expose them to different treatment from each other somewhere along the way. Definitely your upbringing and experiences shape your values and your early values tend to shape your future. Even if you rebel against them that has shaped you as well.

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  2. People today crave independence, yet we have made ourselves boxes and fiercely defend them. I am offended by thus and such and you can’t make me get out of my special box of specialness to get me to think outside of this box. So, there.

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