While many talk about building character through adversity, I like to throw in an added twist:  How do I behave when there is no cause to fight for, no one to save or let down, no one looking over my shoulder?  It’s in those times, when I’m free to collapse into lazy indulgence, that I am given the choice to be disciplined.  Will I become a nameless shadow, adrift in a sea of cravings?  Or will I set to work, and honor the man I wish to be?  Each time I answer that, I have chosen to either build or tear down the vaunted notion of “character.”


19 thoughts on “Musings

  1. In a personality-test training that I cannot recall the name of, there were two sets of behavioral preferences: How do I show up on a good day? How do I show up on a bad day?

    Somehow I see those mirroring your idea. Great musing – fun way to explore character!

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