Personally speaking, my experiences mirror those of mystics, in that my feelings seem independent of outward conditions.

So while I check the boxes, dot my Is and cross my Ts, I do my best to reside in the serenity of my imaginary dreams. If I can’t snap my fingers and have it all immediately, I can at least have the feeling of it. That is what I truly desire—when I have gotten what I wished for and felt disappointment and lack, I didn’t care for what I had acquired. Conversely, when I have been shorted or damaged and I was deeply abiding in positive feeling, I didn’t really care if I had just experienced a seemingly detrimental event. And due to my positive state of mind, I was able to parse opportunity from apparent negativity.

I believe abiding in positivity has opened my mind to serendipity, and consequently, my goals have fallen/are falling into place much faster than I ever thought possible. Whether that’s magic or psychology, I leave up to you.

I’ll just focus on being a happy dreamer.


68 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Like Ivy they formalise the wild landscape into gardens with draws of knowledge to control those minds capable to think outside the box and break their illegal systems and control parameters they do not even live by themselves!!😋 🍑 life is a peach remember to mke time to nibble on my neck!

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  2. This is very interesting my friend. It sounds like your dreams are opening up to you. PS I haven’t forgotten your book either. I never forget my promises. So many poets I care so much about have been writing books. I too was in a number one best Anthology. My list is getting much shorter. I have a feeling I am going to enjoy your book. I hope you haven’t given up on me. Sending hugs, I am so grateful your goals are getting accomplished. Wishes for love, peace, harmony and more dreams coming true. 🦋❤️🤗

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  3. I like what you said here, but I’m wondering if your feelings are truly independent of outward conditions? I think we should have some sway sort of like s surfer lol like we ride the waves so they directly effect us but they don’t hinder our forward momentum.

    but I can agree that focusing on on being a happy dreamer does seem to work out for the better.

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    • It’s an intuition-based art, I think. There’s clinging to denial versus focusing on the most positive outcome possible, even if that’s something along the lines of, “This seems really bad, but I can’t say for sure what happens next, maybe it’ll be a miracle or a freak stroke of luck.”

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