A lot of people assume that “working what you have” is a curse to become like Andy Dufresne—digging your way out of prison a millimeter at a time.

But I’ve found that when I work with what I have, someone/thing comes along and replaces my rock hammer with a sledge hammer, then a jackhammer, than an excavator…eventually, I’m barely doing any work.

It could be a result of faith/hope, it could simply be dumb, random luck. (Hell, a lot of the time, I’m resigned to my doom if I’m being perfectly honest.) But unless there are ethical considerations, you can’t expect me to turn down tools and opportunities—that defeats the purpose of hoping for better.

30 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Hope is like a branch to a fruit tree you leave it a year and watch it blossom it almost always sets fruit! year after year unconditionally! 😋 delicious sustenanc for personal growth…i intend to grow out of this banter and back to unique intellectual elite savant about the time i recieve my knighthood! for contribution to society resetting their worlds!

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