Dreaming isn’t an impracticality—every invention started as a dream. It’s important to exercise the muscles of “What if” along with “How would that work?”

Otherwise, what’s the point of being creative? Pure reactivity is purely for machines.


17 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Just like 3D printers! electric cars and bunnies! lol 😂 You broke your rules and tweeked the curtain at half twelve, you should read mine more often, they are satirical to say the least! and comment there so i do not fill your journals with dirty banter! lol

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  2. Dreams have inspired some of my writing. My first novel was written with a “what if” – what if you couldn’t distinguish the difference between dreams and reality?

    I am an artist as well as an author and a poet. I received new supplies and kept telling myself I can’t use them, I don’t know how, but how do you learn?

    Through action inspired by an idea. A friend challenged me to create a portrait. I told him I couldn’t draw people.

    He simply asked, “Who said I have to be a person?” It was like the window of my mind fractured on hearing that.

    Inspiration is incredible, and all around us, but we have to follow it with the action.

    I’m not just a dreamer. I’m a doer too.

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  3. miniaturise dreams, in their purest form you still complete! depends on whether you want to pass or not! alot of people refuse to achieve in fear of exchange! you have to be stronger than both sides! or central management to be safe!

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