In my opinion, moving into and embracing a new state of expansion (often uncomfortable at first) is as natural as breathing. And though clinging to patterns past their expiration date may seem comfortable, I have seen it breed misery, inflexibility, and creative imprisonment. (I suspect this is simply an amplified version of the initial new-state discomfort, allowed to fester and grow unchecked).


24 thoughts on “Musings

  1. When you live long enough you see patterns repeat and can’t find joy in others’ “discoveries” because they’re “old hat.” When you tell them you’re looking for something else they scratch their heads and say “but this is soooo cool.” You look around and see people who know better banking who they were yesterday for today’s audience of “discoverers” and wonder, do ethics play a part in furthering the journey? Does money make stasis OK? Is there money or happiness to be found chasing rainbows? Is there a solid reason for becoming more, looking for more, finding more than your current experiential catalog? Or is there a point where you ripen and start to turn soft, go brown or green and grow mold? Is the avoidance of mold growth the real driving force out of a comfort zone or is there a deeper, more significant spiritual need calling?
    I dunno. I quit eating hot dogs years ago. But I still eat Jack in the Box tacos. I think it’s like personal growth. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger… but only in small doses.


    • Indeed! I thought after I wrote a book the next one would take less time, but it’s ironically the opposite. It takes more time to iron out new approaches, perspectives, and techniques. And those are what’s fun about writing new books.

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  2. Moving onwards. Moving into the uncomfortable zone, but you can’t help yourself, because something within is telling you it is the right thing to do.
    The ‘land’ you are leaving is parched of the essence of creative life.
    This is how it should be.

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    • Absolutely. A mundane example is how most of the time I enjoy working out, despite the “discomfort.” However, as I grow older, I am no longer reluctant to skip a workout if my body feels like it’s breaking down.

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  3. You should join the gym they excel at not breathing! You can expand your body and focus less on the bodily expansions! Only problem is the men and women all enjoy the same thing…. sucking! The larger ones are usually on their head due to their like of supplements! Women all come first, but at least we get some before you pass out from exhaustion from forgetting to breathe ore dyeing before completion from our love of orgasm! The food is exceptional , only down side is you might have to trim your bush! while you busy collecting numbers! 😎

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