Externally, I seek satisfaction from imperfect circumstances, because in my opinion, circumstances are constantly moving towards long-run perfection.

Internally, I’m much more strict.  I seek—at a minimum—a state of satisfaction.  And in so doing, I can appreciate the perfection as it unfolds.


11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Perfection doesn’t exist in nature. If we all were perfect, we would all be the same. Flaws are on purpose, and we need them for evolution. If you never made mistakes, you wouldn’t be human, nor alive.
    Cheers, and enjoy your perfectly imperfect day.

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  2. Bless you then your master got taken on the borders and your malevolent was free to fornicate with your mind on the borders! I am with you sultry master to born again Neanderthal! what did we do wrong oh yes years of abstinence and playing instead of massacring the lot!

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