Once basic needs are met (in the context of Maslow), it becomes incredibly apparent that discipline equals freedom:  the discipline to deny cravings, or engage in pleasure without compulsion; the discipline to adopt a trend, or contemplate the subversive; the discipline to do what you hate, celebrate what you love, or vice versa in either scenario; the discipline to strategize, or lose yourself in the present.  Discipline is not simply denial, but also acceptance.  To me it’s a targeted action/state-of-mind that allows me to get things done, then sleep at night when I have nothing else to do. 

Discipline will allow you to step wisely, to enjoy fully, and to live life in the manner you wish.  Yeah, I’d definitely say that discipline equals freedom.


9 thoughts on “Musings

  1. ohhhh! My son said something to me yesterday along these lines. “if you want freedom, you give up security.” Discipline to be free and yet the security you give up when you desire a freedom.
    Thoughts to think while eating pizza.

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    • Sad but true. I think in a society-wide view, freedom really depends on the maturity level of the populace. Like, if our populace was so immature that 50% of them couldn’t fight the temptation to use their car to hurt others, then there would have to be increasing restrictions on cars. On the other hand, if we had an incredibly mature populace, there probably wouldn’t need to be that many laws, if any at all.

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