I’ve come to realize that having engaging tasks to perform is the REAL blessing.  Yeah, I could go for the fancy clothes, the cool house, the car and all that…but those are slap-dash configurations of atoms that are destined to fade.  IMHO, nothing can replace the fulfillment you get from truly applying yourself and building something you’re proud to call your own, whether it makes you money or not.  


12 thoughts on “Musings

    • Thank You So Much! And once I start living off my writing or get on the Daily Show OR win the lottery, that $100 is YOURS, haha! I’m glad (and relieved) you enjoyed the first. I can’t stand reading it; it’s just too full of noob mistakes! I’m a bit more confident with the second; I can still read it but it definitely grinds on my brain. Thanks mucho Unbiased! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  1. Can’t buy me love. Well, it can buy the appearance. For an hour. In some cases decades, ’cause that diamond ring or anything makes some people feel alright enough to drive the cars and live in the houses, run the cute kids and country club host/hostess gig. But when time allows you look back from the edge? It really is all about the things that money just can’t buy. So say it again and tape it to the mirror of every Gatsby wannabe you know. Tell them that you want the kind of things that only love can buy. See who sticks around, cherish them.

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  2. That’s a great philosophy to follow! I’m not a materialistic person and I see the bigger reward in working hard at something YOU love to do rather than do it for the $$$. Great post!

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