If you think about how ridiculous it all is—how we are spinning through space and how left/right/up/down become one another as they stretch toward infinity and the earth whirls on its axis—I try to enjoy whatever I do at the deepest levels of my being.  

Otherwise, as the eons pass and the greatest of us fade into obscure footnotes, what’s the point?


13 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I agree with you there; we’ll all fade away with time (I know, very motivational), so we might as well enjoy this ride through the cosmos we’re on. People tend to worry too much about the future or making their mark, but I feel like it’s best to first live our lives true to ourselves, and to have fun with it. Everything else will take care of itself 😄

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  2. I still believe the point of it all is exactly what one makes of it. Meaning, there are a million interpretations on the point of existence, just like there are on reality. Existence is simultaneously a joke, a precious gift, the best thing ever, the worst thing ever, a chance, an opportunity, a long / strange trip, a carnival, and pointless, along with approximately 8,743,452,342.333333 other things.

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  3. I have yet to see any -ology that has the ability to generate meaning for me. As Jimmy Buffet says, were all just barefoot children in the rain. You start from there and find your own meaning.

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    • Well that’s actually what I like about quantum mechanics; even if you don’t get into the math and just look at theory, the implication is that none of this will be solved in our lifetimes, and we should just enjoy the show!


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