While all approaches may be valid in the grander sense, it’s obvious that a specific approach may not be valid for a given individual.  So for me, that leaves only one viable course of action.

 Experiment, then figure it out for myself.


5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. So, where does that leave training, whether formal or casual? To experiment and figure it out for yourself sounds pretty inefficient. You won’t even avoid the trap of being derivative, because you’ve read a lot of your chosen genre. I’m sorry! This isn’t meant to be confrontational! It must be my inner schoolmarm speaking!

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    • I’ve got an inner schoolmarm myself! I guess in my personal life, I’ve just seen the failure of ideologies and methodologies based on the premise that if they worked in the past, they are infallible. Now I probably should have said they are an important starting point and reference guide, but these musings are kinda like my thought vomit! LOL

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