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Jon Dough pays a visit to an Armed Forces Recruiting Center in San Francisco, California where he meets Gunnery Sergeant Chris Attriya. Attriya shocks him with a revelation that he is not destined to be in Armed Forces but do something different. He opens the drawer and takes out a sheet of paper containing the sentence: SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Jon signs up for it. And then his illusion starts. He has the other worldly visions of dragons, lizard like men, armored knights etc. He feels that he is losing his sanity.
He wants to meet Attriya again but is shocked to find that he has been replaced by someone else who introduces himself as Gunny Hardwick. The latter shows him a shadow box that was given as a gift to Attriya.
In the shadow box below, the ribbons is a small black plate with six gold words…

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4 thoughts on “A DOOR INTO EVERMOOR

  1. Hello Sir my name is Destiny Bergeron and I must thank you. Mr Kent Wayne you have been following me for years and have liked almost ever one of my poems and I honestly appreciate you. Your kindness is inspirational

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