Author #Interview: Let’s Chat with #IndieAuthor @KentWayne108! — Jean Lee’s World

I had a great time being interviewed by Jean Lee about my books and authorship! Thank you, Jean!

Click here for more info about this book! Welcome back, my fellow creatives! I’m thrilled to continue sharing some lovely indie authors I’ve met in our community. This month, please welcome the adventurer cosmic, Kent Wayne! Let’s begin with your adventures as a reader. What was an early experience where you learned that language had […]

Author #Interview: Let’s Chat with #IndieAuthor @KentWayne108! — Jean Lee’s World

A Door into Evermoor; By Kent Wayne

Cheryl gives A Door into Evermoor a wonderful review! Thank you, Cheryl!

Cornucopia the legacy

The writing is fast flowing, i love the use of the dimensions and shifts into other realms through the structure of the narrative, a lot of the expressions are set as the conflicts that many seem are around fitting into society! I found The Door into Evermoor is a lot faster paced, full of links to movies and the Dungeons and dragons, full of illiteration references to a variety of console realms and games as structural foundations to learning! A true reflection of tomboy and Princes fan focus from the 80’s showing a love of all things loved by those growing up in the prime of game development and consoles!

“You were right, Aitrya You were right about it all! There are other world’s than these,

And i wouldn’t have it any other way!”

The prologue says it all the wonderful name of Jon Dough a nameless kid from San…

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Book Review; Echo 1 by Kent Wayne:

Cheryl gives a great review for Echo 1!

Cornucopia the legacy

Today i had my first taste of Amazon Kindle, thanks to a gift from my lovely assistant, set up an account as i did my blonde moment! I began to read through the first chapters and as i proceded i eventually got into a reading rhythm, no reflection on the work it takes a while for the names and structures to equate into language and association, so it always takes a while for me to get into the flow of actually reading!

I have to say i clicked relatively well but mostly around the conversations between Atriya on meeting Verus an extremely well presented character, i love the rhythm and the attention to detail of the narrative, how intimately the characters are presented! The vision and fondness for the characters shows by the focus on the personality, the commradery is endearing and shows a real connection between the characters who…

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A Door Into Evermoor

Great review by Jessica! Thank you so much for reading all my books!


I finished reading A Door into Evermoor by Kent Wayne. It is the first book of a new book series called Unbound Realm. He writes crazy ads for his books on his blog called Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha. He also wrote a book series called Echo (which is awesome) and a book called Kor’Thank Barbarian Valley Girl (which was awesome too).

Big Warning: there is some violence.

In this book, a guy named Jon wants more in his life. He loves to play video games, but he doesn’t want to have a 9-to-5 life. He thinks about joining the military. But none is there and then a guy appears. His name is Atriya. He tells Jon that he can have more if he signs a contract. On the contract, it says Something Different. Jon signs it and then later he has weird visions of elves, dragons, and knights. Even a guy…

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Book Review: A Torchship Marriage

As part of my craft (“craft” sounds really pompous, but whatever) I try to read indie authors in between the bustle of life and writing books. I recently just finished part 1 of A Torchship Marriage by Rall Mekin. Before I get into the why, I’ll TLDR this review by saying I liked it a lot.

I’ll try and stick to generalities in order to avoid spoilers. The story begins with a man called Rich (which is also a subtitle), who lost his family to tragic circumstances and is now starting over as a low-level worker in an off-Earth environment. From there, the story goes in unexpected directions, and while it does hearken back to Rich’s defining loss, it doesn’t drive straight into his hangups, which I appreciate. The strength of this story is in the world-building—the iteration of culture, religion, and government into a futuristic setting where there are infinite niches for people to reside in, and a vast range of contrasting perspectives. I’m not a fan of world-building which isn’t thought out (novelty for novelty’s sake), but that isn’t the case in this book. Even though I don’t have a flow chart connecting phrases and actions to past events, I can feel the integrity of the behavioral nuances—I can tell the author created a rich backstory for the book. Like I said, I don’t want to get into specifics, but the narrative has the feel of an open-world game, where Rich is sampling different points of view through his own disillusionment.

If you’re looking for a concentrated sprint toward a finish line, I’d say this isn’t the book for you. However, there are certain points of conflict throughout the book which I think will be fleshed out in future volumes, so if you’re into a moderate simmer that sets up a solid backdrop of set-piece elements, this is your book.

That being said, it does end with a driving, imminent series of events. The last scene made me clench my teeth in surprise and anxiety (the good kind, where you’re involved in the character’s outcome).

I’m looking forward to the next one. Five out of five stars.

Check it out here: A Torchship Marriage (A Man Called Rich Book 1)

Door Into Evermore Review

A great review for a Door into Evermoor!

Rall Mekin, Author

(Minor Spoilers)

This Book Impressed

I have rarely been impressed by an Indy book. We independent authors are known for a few things, little of it good: trite plot elements, surface level themes, poor grammar/spelling, and poor characterization. In other words, our books suck, especially if you buy our stuff for $0.99 on Amazon.

Such were my expectations when I picked up Door into Evermoor, but I was wrong. I was so very, very wrong. This book is a delight to read, a true gem.

An Immaculate Read

Regarding my criticism of independent books: this one lacks all of them. The grammar and spelling are equivalent to something professionally published. I might have seen one typo through all of it, which is typical of what I’d expect in a professional work (editors are only human, after all)—but I’m not even certain. This text is clean and reads smoothly.

The plot…

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Buddy Read & Rant #11: A Door into Evermoor

Iseult Murphy


Did someone say portal fantasy?! *Pulls out emergency vacation luggage* When do we leave?

(Buy Jonny’s amazing books here – Iseult)


I’m ready to go adventuring *gathers up dog and cat traveling companions*. Let us journey forth to the kitchen of never ending food!

This buddy read and rant is forA Door into Evermoor (The Unbound Realm Book 1) byKent Wayne.


Jon is a well-off kid with a stable future. But he can’t shake the feeling that he’s destined for something more—something different and strange, drawn from the stuff of dreams and fantasy. After a fateful encounter with a mysterious stranger, he gets more than he wished for.

Jon stumbles into a fantasy realm, filled with Wolven and witches, goblins and gargoyles. Along the way, he befriends a thief and a Wayfarer, a High Taire Duelist and a half-Elf princess. Wyverns…

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