Book Review; Echo 1 by Kent Wayne:

Cheryl gives a great review for Echo 1!

Cornucopia the legacy

Today i had my first taste of Amazon Kindle, thanks to a gift from my lovely assistant, set up an account as i did my blonde moment! I began to read through the first chapters and as i proceded i eventually got into a reading rhythm, no reflection on the work it takes a while for the names and structures to equate into language and association, so it always takes a while for me to get into the flow of actually reading!

I have to say i clicked relatively well but mostly around the conversations between Atriya on meeting Verus an extremely well presented character, i love the rhythm and the attention to detail of the narrative, how intimately the characters are presented! The vision and fondness for the characters shows by the focus on the personality, the commradery is endearing and shows a real connection between the characters who…

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