Writers Are Readers First!

A wonderful review for A Door into Evermoor!!

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As a new writer at the beginning of this journey into the creative process, I am fascinated with the new opportunities authors have with the advent of self-publishing platforms. One of the best things we can do as a writer is read, read, read (and read even more) content from our genre.

Below is a review of a recent book I enjoyed reading on my Amazon Kindle from author Kent Wayne (AKA Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha). Check it out!

A Door Into Evermoor (The Unbound Realm Book 1) by Kent Wayne

A Book Review

Two very different, competing desires drive an avid fantasy fiction reader’s decision to delve into a new book series. On the one hand, we all long to experience again the joy felt while reading a celebrated epic fantasy classic. Yet, we also…

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7 thoughts on “Writers Are Readers First!

  1. Nice lab, just needs a stethoscope to go with those specs to resolve the problem of your ever weeping ….! Oh my bad i forgot your like me eternally requiring stimulation, hand mileage on max for those flicking through pages, will need some shades from that fifty hour screen glare, nothing light feeling the pages run through your hands!….a bit like mine through your hair!

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