Kor’Thank: Chapter 72

A delirious rush of hope, lust, and adolescent energy swept through Holly.  She closed her eyes and reveled in Peter’s warmth, reveled in the cool night sky whipping past them and setting everything a-tingle.  Lifetimes of trauma melted away, lost in the fullness of their moonlit kiss.  For the first time since she’d been five years old, she felt utterly at ease.

A dim part of her—the part that knew all she’d done and all she’d do—smiled faintly, then disappeared into her incomplete self.  A sense of relief resonated through her teenage psyche; she wasn’t ready to face the entirety of her being.

Not yet, at least.



But Peter was.  He kissed the hell out of her as they shot like a comet across the Bay Area night, now painted with the first glimmers of the coming dawn.  Just like Holly, he felt relief flowing through him, but unlike the cheerleader, he felt resolution as well.  He accepted all that he’d done and took full responsibility.  A great weight fell away from his mind, and he felt the truest peace a conscious being could ever know.

As the first rind of sunlight crested the horizon, it splashed the clouds with blazing golds and searing pinks.  She drew him in close and kissed him again.



Down below, Kor’Thank smiled joyously up at them.

Way to go, Peter.