Kor’Thank: Chapter 70

“Holy fuckballs!  Don’t scare me like that!” 

Eun jumped in her seat as Peter blinked into existence right beside her.  Her left hand flew off the Bite Mobile’s grip and swatted his arm.  “Asshole!”

“Sorry.”  He grinned, knowing full well she was actually relieved; he was, after all, still intact after facing off against one of the greatest evils mankind had ever known.  He clapped her on the shoulder.  “Gotta get Holly.”

Bitefighter spoke to them with the voice of Optimus Prime:  “SHE IS PRIMED TO MATERIALIZE IN FIVE MINUTES AND THIRTY FOUR SECONDS.”

Peter’s eyes flicked from side to side, processing the whirl of multidimensional aether.  Eun was guiding them around novelties and feelings, memes and deductions.  “We need to get Earth-side.”


A second later they were drinking in a glittering panoply of lit-up city, connected by car-filled bridges surrounded by water.  Eun and Peter flinched in surprise; one instant they’d been in a dematerial plane, the next they were flying high over the Bay Area streets.

“Holly.”  Peter leaned forward on the dashboard.  “Where’s she gonna—”


The Bite Mobile’s thrusters rotated on sci-fi gimbals, burning with hot blue light.  The mushroom-shaped craft banked left and jetted toward ANOS.