Kor’Thank: Chapter 69

Peter cut with his True-forged sword, lighting the Bay Area skies with shimmering fractals.  At the same time, Eun saw reality splitting open.  A tide of light swept Dissona away, filling all who saw it with rhapsodic song.

Kora experienced it much more intensely.  Tongues of purple-black fire crackled up and down her body; she became the equivalent of a human meteor as she charged through the last few demon-spawn.  In the midst of her euphoric blitz, her awareness jetted out from her body, linking with Peter and Eun.  They found themselves on an ancient plane that was novel and timeless, yet familiar to all.

Ironically, however, its existence was forgotten with sure-fire consistency.



[Guys.]  Peter opened his eyes, meeting Kora and Eun’s.  [We did it!  We fucking did it!]

The three teen-heroes were standing in a circle.  Everything around them was spinning and whirling, a delirious collage of their most treasured moments and highest aspirations.

[That we did.]  Kora’s beaming face shone with the joy and triumph that was playing out around them.

[You rose to the occasion, Peter.]  Eun held out her hands.  Peter and Kora reached out and took them.  [We’re almost done.]

[Almost?]  Peter raised an eyebrow.

[Holly.] Eun reminded.  [We still have to save her.  She’s returning to Earth any second now.  I can feel it.]  They all could.  Here, in the heart of existence, they could feel probability dance and shift, and instantly perceive the strongest possible outcomes.

Kora looked at Peter.  [I’m Earth-side.  I’ll do it.]

[No.]  He shook his head.  Heartwarming images of the three teens—laughing uproariously, eating pizza, joking and playing—whirled ’round and ’round.  In every one of them, Peter looked boyish and handsome and utterly free.  [I’ll do it.  I owe her.]

He didn’t say it, but he could finally admit a long-lost truth:  he was head over heels for Holly Dent.

He always had been.