Kor’Thank: Chapter 66

Eun shot through different worlds, different times, different levels of the Tower itself.  Horror and wonder flitted by, too fast for her to make sense of.  All she knew was that an unimaginable (literally) variety of beings were trying to destroy her.  She ran her guns as hard as she could, blasting out streams of weaponized theory.  Somewhere between Gehenna and Imajica, the craft sprouted radiant bayonets from its mechanized cannon-arms.  The blades proved useful in Hyperspace Valhalla, where she fought off a horde of sword-wielding mind-forms.

As Dissona;s infection spread throughout the aether, she felt Peter tapping insistently at her mind.  She couldn’t make out his exact words, but she got the gist of it:  he was saying goodbye.

Oh well.  A faint smile played across her lips.  We had a damn good run.

And then she heard it:  a timeless melody that cut through the dark.



Thaumaturgic brilliance—combat-magics from Kora, Wodec, and a few of the others who knew combat arcana—zipped through the air, smashing apart entities left and right.

If Lord of the Rings fucked Faces of Death and the Evil Dead, the twisted offspring would resemble the hellish monsters on ANOS’s parking lot.  Fiendish atrocities that spoke in nerve-shredding tongues borne from the opposite of sanity, that wielded whips and chains tipped with screaming heads and gibbering faces.  It didn’t matter to the bloodthirsty Indashi; they were delirious with joy as they parried and cut, trampled and smashed.


“Hark!”  Wodec pointed at the sky, now filled with miasmic fog. “Ruin draws nigh!  If this is the end, then make it such an end, that will echo throughout all of eternity and the Unbound Realm!”

The barbarians responded with a bone-quaking cry, slicing apart hellspawn with renewed fervor.  Kora allowed herself a grim smile.  They’d done their best to thwart Dissona, but it hadn’t been enough.  Maybe they’d find each other after existence rebooted.  Maybe they’d—

Wodec’s voice pierced her thoughts.  “Hope lives on!  Look to the stars!” 

A ray of light cut across the heavens, filling Kora’s eyes with reflected brilliance.  Her smile went from grim to joyous.

Give her hell, Peter.