Kor’Thank: Chapter 64

Holly Dent was becoming undone, spun apart into quantum particulate.  She reached blindly for her old identity, yet it blew away in silvery flutters.  On the edges of her fraying perception, she perceived the world turning dark and muted, scabbing over with despair and sorrow.  There was no light, no contrast, no progress or joy…

From the dimming corner of her third eye, she saw Peter Lee rocketing through the aether.  For some reason, he was suited up in a transparent robo-suit.

Her lips curved up in a faint smile.  Give her hell, Peter.

She briefly considered following in his wake, of plunging into the world-killing void, but she couldn’t do it.  Her heartbreak and rage were an integral part of her, and she couldn’t bear to go on without them.  At the same time, she could no longer endure the weight of her strife.  It had made her strong, but now it was killing her.

So she made herself forget.