Kor’Thank: Chapter 62

Kora and her raptor-riding warriors emerged from the jump-gate and stepped onto ANOS’s parking lot.  Dissona’s ascendance had triggered a multidimensional upheaval; it had shut down ANOS’s arcane cryptography and let loose every abomination within its cells.  Legions of shadow-beings, lizard-men, and eight-legged arachno-dragons were pouring from the doors of the evil-ass science facility.

“Well well well.”  Light from a street lamp gleamed off Kora’s eyes, bringing her savage-as-fuck smile into sharp relief.  “Christmas came early.”

Krul’Dar drew abreast on his mount.  “From your expression, I assume you have found meaning and purpose during your stay on this world.”

Kora turned to him.  “You bet your dick I have.”  She faced forward, drinking in the army of foes with undisguised pleasure.  “And fortunately for me, it entails beating these ass-gobblers into the dust.”

Krul’Dar roared with laughter.  “If nothing else, your time here has improved your pre-fight dialogue by leaps and bounds.”

“Which is half the fun.”  Kora threw the Chronicler a mischievous smile.

“I am glad you think so, my liege.  And I am honored to face these…what did you call them?  I would hear it again, for it was a name I would use against my prospective adversaries.”

“Ass-gobblers,” Kora repeated.  “Low-down, finger-sniffing ass-gobblers.  Don’t thank me—if not for an Earthling named Peter Lee, I would never have learned the glory of shit talk.”

“Ass-gobblers.”  Krul’Dar chuckled.  “Yes, I will definitely use that in future altercations.”

Kora looked over her shoulder, meeting the eyes of her burly comrades.  “BURN AND PILLAGE!” she screamed.  “REMEMBER—THESE VILE SPAWN HAVE BEEN FORGED IN THE EQUIVALENT OF THIS WORLD’S RECTUM!”  She faced forward and urged her mount into a sprint, her barbarian warriors following closely behind.