Kor’Thank: Chapter 58

“She’s gone!” Peter gasped.  “What the fuck are we going to—”

“What the hell do you mean, ‘she’s gone?’ ”  Eun’s image was projected onto the Bite Mobile’s heads-up display.  She was swiveling back and forth, firing her dual-gripped concept cannon.  Its craggy muzzle was blasting out long-ass chains of otherworldly equations.

“I mean she blinked out of existence, Eun!” Peter shouted.  He reached down, flicked on a g-force nullifier, and threw the Bite Mobile into a downward barrel roll.

“I’m coming up.”  Through their video link, he saw her lifting off her battle-helmet (it disappeared in a pixelated fade).  Her seatbelt telescoped back into its sheath.

“Eun, you need to stay there!  ANOS’s attack saucers are—”

“No match for our maneuver capability.”  Eun climbed up the ladder and poked her head through the section of floor that led into the copilot’s seat.  “Calm down, Peter.”  She settled into the chair, and a seatbelt expanded from her shoulder to her hip, clicking firmly into place with a crisp-sounding CHACK.  “I know we’re supposed to take it up a notch, I just can’t figure out how…”

On the center holopad, Bitefighter blinked into existence and jumped up and down, waving both arms above his head.

“What is it, Bites?” Peter asked.

Bitefighter pointed past his feet, at a gleaming array of switches and levers that had sprung up on the dashboard when the Bite Mobile had turned into a flying car.

“I don’t get it.”  Frustration was audible in Peter’s voice.  “There’s a million different options.  Which one are you—”

Eun, whose brain was no longer connected to a super-dimensional battle-helmet (and consequently, wasn’t busy networking with its acausal circuitry), instantly realized what Bitefighter was pointing at.

“This one.”  She grabbed the stick shift by her waist, clicking it into the numberless gear icon, the one emblazoned with a red-and-white picture of an amanita muscaria mushroom.


Peter cocked his head, puzzled.  “Einstein-Rosen shunts?”

The craft began to morph—loud clicks and brisk snaps.  Outside, the world hazed into a hazy jumble of rainbow lines, all narrowing into a bright focal point to their front.  When Peter realized what was happening, his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.