Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha is the website for me:  author Kent Wayne.  The site name comes from the subject material in my writing.

Three works are featured.  The first one is Echo, a science fiction dystopia where a disillusioned warrior pushes his craft to its bloody limits, then attempts to break through into a realm of world-bending mastery.  I’ve posted some free sample chapters, click here to start reading.

To buy Echo Volume 1:  Approaching Shatter on Amazon click here:  Buy Echo

The second book is a high school adventure, full of profanity, psychedelics, and interdimensional shenanigans.  Here’s the link for the book on Amazon:  Kor’Thank:  Barbarian Valley Girl.   Sample chapters are available here:  Sample Chapters for Kor’Thank:  Barbarian Valley Girl

I’m working on a YA fantasy called the Unbound Realm.  It details the adventures of a jaded young man from Earth who stumbles into an epic fantasy world.  Here are some sample chapters:  Sample Chapters for the Unbound Realm.

Thanks for your interest!  If you’re a writer, I wish you inspired drafting and insightful editing!  Best way to reach me is by DMing me on Facebook.  However, I have noticed some DMs getting filtered out by Facebook messenger, so if I don’t respond, just comment on my wall.  I’ll take it down, DM you, and address your concerns.  Sorry to all those who never got a response; I wasn’t trying to be rude!  🙂

Kent Wayne

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2,018 thoughts on “About

  1. So glad to meet you on WordPress. I am so inconsistent, aspiring to be a regular blogger. I am rewriting my first book which takes up all my time and working full-time. Not ideal. But thanks for the interest.

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    • I know it sounds callous, but at this point it’s not a concern. I’ve wanted to take my own life before, and I’ve also reveled in the experience of living. Nowadays, I just try to enjoy whatever’s in front of me as much as I can, be it “bad” or “good.” If there’s an underlying benevolence to all of existence, then whatever’s in front of me was placed there for a good reason. 🙂

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      • I don’t think that is callous at all. On the contrary I think it is humble; admitting that we don’t own or control everything, but that the best we can do is steering our ships as well as we can and not being mad at what is in front of us, but finding a way to work with it. And also: I think the best way to teach others is by simply being/embodying the trait in question, which means: In being calm like you described, you also spread that attitude whether you think of it or not. Hope you’re having a great day!

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    • Your writing sounds interesting. I’m very bad about writing books off after only reading the synopsis, but I am honestly excited to read your stories. Thank you for liking my post, by the way. I look forward to reading your work!

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  2. Thanks for liking my stuff from time to time Kent. I hope you’re writing has been free-flowing and that you’re finding your voice in every new chapter you do!

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  3. Hey!

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following, and for reading my posts. I’ve been reading your free sample of Echo, and really enjoying it. I think I’ll pick up the book when I’m done.

    Also, based on your depiction of “crew selection” training, I’ve got a good idea which branch of the service you were in. I’m a vet too, and also place a high value on privacy, so I’ll keep your secret. 🙂

    Stay well!


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    • Thanks bro! Yep, some of the military is definitely more cannibalistic than the rest. But by and large they’re all awesome; I just made Crew Selection into the absolute worst I’d seen and amplified it by orders of magnitude. Echo 1 is more first attempt at fiction and bears all the hallmarks of my noobery, so I apologize in advance for the “flow” mistakes.

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  4. Hi, thank you for following, liking my posts and being the reason of motivation! Really enjoying the blog world. Enjoyed reading your About for now. Yet to go through your concepts. Though totally agree with your belief of living life as it comes good or bad.

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  5. Hello there,
    I just want to drop a thank you for stopping by my humble blog every now and then and showing your appreciation for my foolish writings. I also was wondering how you were able to like some of my works despite me having opted to hide the like button. I only use WP to voice my silly thoughts once a while and so I’m not too familiar with its workings besides the editor.
    Thanks in advance!

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  6. I just wanted to say that after reading your bio, I have a new respect for you as a person. When I first read some of your writing, I think I misjudged it but I can see that you are a good writer. Thank you very kindly.

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  7. Hey Ken, I was wondering how well you do with this site. I have my own fiction that I have considered putting on a blog, but was concerned with copyright infringement, etc. Also, if you could give me a review of my own writings from my blog, that would be great!

    I will be setting up a real blog after the new year, see how that goes. Thanks -Rob

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    • I don’t really think about infringement, because if someone copies me, they won’t be able to soon, since I’m always evolving my style. Andy Weir had The Martian up for free for ten years before he published it, so I just follow in his footsteps.

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  8. Thanks Kent, for you like on my recent WordPress post. As I can clearly tell from your blog, you are an avid reader and writer. It’s great to be connected, it’ll definitely inspire me to write more.

    Have a great day! Varun

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  9. Great About Page, and I’m really digging your blog. I’d be interested in having a casual phone conversation with you, as part of a project I’m working on, where I’m reaching out to interesting folks I come across in the blogosphere and recording a coffee chat with them, then posting it on my blog. I think you’d be really fun and interesting to talk to. No worries if not! Have a great day!!

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  10. Your writing sounds interesting. You certainly are creative. I too find it difficult to read past stories and meanderings, but give yourself lots of credit. You are doing well what a lot of people only dream of doing. You have created worlds with your thoughts. Brilliant!

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  11. Dear Dirty Buddha 🙂
    May Christmas be a time of joy and love and heartwarming friendship, to make you shine with happiness and inspiration! And may the coming New Year bring you success and the fulfillment of your dreams! ✨💖

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  12. Thanks for liking an article on my blog, I appreciate the support! Hope you also have inspired drafting and successful publishing of your work 😊 you do indeed seem like an interesting person with a rich imagination and life experience..I will be reading your next posts with anticipation!

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  13. Hi Kent, I loved reading about you in your “About” section and your Echo books sound really good. Can’t wait to check out your “filthy” Buddhist wisdom! Also, thanks for liking my most recent post.

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