Whenever I obsess over the end result, I miss opportunities for better outcomes, things spin out of control, or–in the rare instance when everything goes according to plan–I either fail to appreciate the win, or my enjoyment of victory feels short and muted.

The reminder to enjoy the journey is not only practical–it keeps me open to unforeseen opportunities through a positivity-receptive mindset–but is also a moment-by-moment choice. I believe that how I choose to frame events and direct my focus will determine my experience in this short, nonsensical life.


12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you! Focusing too much on the end result can lead to missed opportunities and a lack of appreciation for the journey. Embracing a positive, open mindset and enjoying each moment along the way can lead to more fulfilling experiences and unexpected opportunities. Our perspective and attitude play a crucial role in shaping our experiences in life, and choosing to see the positive aspects can make all the difference. Thank you for sharing this insightful perspective!

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