Releasing negativity is a tricky endeavor. In the past, I’ve forced positivity in an effort to shake off the negative, but the ensuing resistance only strengthened the negative.

So I try and emphasize the acceptance part–it’s okay to feel whatever I feel. It’s a natural reaction. And that focus on acceptance, for me, is the best way to “fight” my negativity, even though it may seem like I’m condoning it. It’s the fastest way for me to release negativity and get back to being positive. Given a contentious topic, it may seem improper, but I’ve found that my psyche isn’t responding to the topic, per se, but to the mental state of combative denial or easy acceptance. And easy acceptance (for me, at least) brushes right up against low-key optimism, which turns a grueling leap into a natural shift.


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  1. I hear you- and been there. I’ve had to relax my inner talk, too – it’s easy for toxic positivity to sneak in…. I don’t want to wallow, but for me I like to at least acknowledge… And hopefully, with time it eventually turns into the real deal… Fingers crossed and all that. 🙂

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  2. I feel like the writing “profession” (if that’s what it is) swings wildly between the highs and the lows, like the most topsy-turvy amusement park ride of my childhood (which I’d never have the stomach to sit through anymore)!

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  3. It’s great that you’re finding ways that work for you to process your negativities (I think of my own as the blue meanies). Forcing positivity doesn’t really help. I think my negativity is there to force me think about something, figuring out why I feel so negative about whatever it is so I can process it and let it go. Best for me is to stay in the moment and experience even the smallish things.

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    • Wise words! Negativity often does hold a hidden lesson. I also try to be conscious of when I’m overanalyzing my negativity. That’s come with experience; oftentimes, something negative turned into a positive, but I just couldn’t see the greater reason for it at the moment.


  4. I was just discussing this with my son Tuesday afternoon. This is something we have been dealing with in our creative endeavors for years now, in both our timelines. He shared a book he bought with me called “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. It is a quick read filled with whit and grittiness, and it discusses this topic of Resistance in detail. I thought I would share this, since we were literally discussing this same topic at the same time.
    Thank you for sharing your process!

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      • Hah! I love it! Well, thank you for having that shared experience with me on this planet Earth. What a fun connection in time!

        Thanks for the encouragement! It’s always welcome and appreciated. Good luck with your endeavors as well! I’ll be creeping on you!

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      • Absolutely! It’s one of those books that gets passed around friends, often with a “you gotta read this” vibe. There’s a lot of gems in there.

        Glad I could spread a bit of positivity! Creep away!

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  5. This is a little bit related to something uncanny I’ve noticed in my own life: Usually when I want something and then just let the want go, with no attachments, i.e. full acceptance of not having it, what I want immediately comes to me like magic.

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