When I was hellbent on fighting and pushing against events, I would every so often stumble onto peace and contentment. Later, I realized that it was a result of giving up my internal fight–of accepting my emotions and letting them be. While I might have still been outwardly striving, I felt my perception was where I desired, and consequently, so was my place in existence at that moment.

So now, even if I’m trapped in a negative emotion, I tell myself I don’t need to fight it, that it’s okay to feel whatever I feel. And then it lets go and opens into something better. This way, instead of clinging to faith, I get to viscerally abide in trust.


12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Indeed. Occasionally, it’s best to give up. Such as when you fall into a tiger trap feet first and break both of them, only to find a ravenous beast awaiting you. Yes, then I would wholeheartedly say so, but when YOU have a say in your fate don’t give up. Fight with all the gusto you can muster, dear Denizen.

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