When I don’t judge others for their outward style, I tend to inform my perception with their actual substance. And strangely enough, they seem to do the same to me. After the static of insecurity, blame, and disdain have faded away to a sufficient degree, I suspect an authentic interaction begins to arise.


8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia said something to the effect of Don’t judge me by my brain bag. I’m capable of highly intelligent conversation. But my brain is locked in a body that falls, gets concussed, and struggles for words. (It’s a whole condition between my eyes, inner ear, and an epic grudge match between me and Gravity.)

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      • Not saying this to show off but her father and my father were buds back in the day. I kick myself for not buying a picture session with her too talk to her instead of saying “I’ll just run into her and we’ll talk.”. She was like a promised friend. “Hopey, I’m going to take you out to Hollywood to see your Uncle Eddie and meet his daughter Carrie. You two will be great friends.” My father would say.

        I won’t feel in the past. But I will write a book. šŸ˜€

        Thank you, this post had been cathartic.

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