For me, the way forward has often involved a sideways stumble into unrelated territory—or so it seemed at the time.

But as the years passed, I began using the knowledge gained from these detours, and I realized I had been blazing a trail for future use. So now, it’s easier to hold off on frustration and keep the faith (I prefer the word “trust,” because to me that’s a more personalized state of mind).

I’ve often been “lost,” only to find that it was connected to a path that led to greater rewards.


10 thoughts on “Musings

  1. There’s a great line in the old original ARP 2600 Synth manual – “Shut the speakers off while setting the patch up. It’s easy to get distracted by unripe sounds.” Well hell, all the fun is in the unripe sounds! That’s why so many things happen on a shortcut through the woods. We know what’s on the road and waiting at the destination, if we planned it. It’s all the funk on the way where experience and (hopefully) wisdom come from.

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    • Very nicely expressed, and precisely drafted, which consoles us all that every day is a new beginning, afresh and alive, no need to worry for the past, present is yours do the best you can and whatever the outcome will be for your Best. 💯👍

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  2. Personally, I prefer pondering over musing. That’s an attempt at humor. Seriously, from just reading what’s on your home page, it made think of Peter Seller’s movie “Being There”. The scene wear he walks on water is absolute genius. I’m only guessing, but I think you would love it.

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