In my opinion, stumbling towards a desired destination is far better than refusing to move for fear of stumbling onto the wrong path.

Because as I stumble, I can use my momentum and gained knowledge to chart a better course. Also, with the right perspective, it can be fun getting lost.


23 thoughts on “Musings

  1. What a glorious affirmation. We insist on being found even while we are lost. We want Amazing Grace, e.g., to be a shorter song….

    We can take it further and affirm an eternity of lostness, a fate of lostness. Father, father…why have you forsaken me? Brilliant.

    Thank you all.

    Love the dust

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  2. Ahhh, but the lesson that MUST be included here is having enough self-awareness to analyze what you’re doing while moving forward. Without the insight gained that way, one only reinforces bad habits instead of making changes while advancing. Then they become one of the screaming masses, complaining that the world doesn’t work exactly as they think it should. 😉

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  3. I love the summary of it all. The fun to get lost! Reading this, I definitely agree, although in my daily life I often am a bundle of anxiety (which makes reading it that way much more fun 😉 ).

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  4. I really liked the use of the verb “stumbling”. You could have used others but “stumbling” is more imaginative and encourages the reader to think more deeply about what you have written. Brilliant!

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