I used to be puzzled by how often others mistakenly claimed they knew what I was thinking. Then I became surprised by how often I made the same mistake.

Eventually, I concluded my primary focus should be my own perception. Whenever I strove to control others’ perception, victory was elusive, fleeting, and open to question. In the long term, it’s always been an exercise in frustration and disappointment. It’s just not worth the hassle.


12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. This very sentiment is why I can’t read head-time in fiction. Joanie thought, Bobby thought Muhammed thought… It’s all bullshit. In real life no one knows what anyone else is thinking, or thought or what their motivation might be/have been. Attempting to play God when in truth we have no control of other’s heads. We know who we are by the choices we make. All we know of others is their behavior. Drawing motivational conclusions based on their behavior is a waste of time. In fact, who cares? Bob took a dump in the elevator. Next.

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