If I seek satisfaction in the moment, regardless of the conditions occurring around me, I’m aiming my intent at the very reason for changing a condition.

I don’t see this as settling for less (since being satisfied/optimistic enhances my performance and opens the floodgates for unexpected/positive change). I see it as claiming my birthright.


33 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Nail on the head time with this one. The old BS about Misery loves company is ridiculous. Misery doesn’t need or deserve more miserable company and I see it as our job as beings to show misery a better way. Empathy by the example of NOT being miserable will change more than let’s be miserable together.

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  2. when your good company is the activator of misery it is goo to have mind company that can judicially clear arseholes who miss use vessels on 24 levels! bringing piece and hot love to my world will happen once they have been deleted! lol My Birthright, My World!

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  3. my Birthright is Buckingham palace…well balmoral! my current personality is probably gonna and up in the buddhist version of valhalla, infinitely resourced with a billion virgins of either side to be my friends! slay the worlds malevolent demons! and love and kindness or relesing the families that enjoy naughty transition….mmmmm 😈

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  4. I am always in i am the world judiciary, goddess, queen and the bank! you want in best get signed in for the long hall rotation to visit his sisters do not count cowards! but they do get you sat next to the women that tried to tke them out…Mr and mrs Smith events! til death do us part, hense me bringing them through through music, survival rate of gnats!

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