In order to take joy in my linear narrative, I indulge/entertain in the importance of my past and my future. But when I want to take a break and enjoy who I am, I forget whatever I’ve pretended to be.

16 thoughts on “Musings

  1. There are many attributions for this, but here’s Bob Dylan’s – “Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you’d like to act.” We are what we pretend to be. As you say, taking a vacation from that is not pretending but being. Until…

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  2. The best role you can play, is yourself! The best actors and role models play themselves! If yourself is as one or a rotation of loyal personlitites! Harmony is achieved by letting all express in the most positive of ways! If you take yourself as one high mess maybe it is time to filter everyone else off and focu on one goal instead of many! 🌈🦋🙏 my good book just got re-prioritised!

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      • I think you’re right. My obstacle is that currently I just want to hang out, take naps, and absorb pop media. Meanwhile, my ego wants to 1) make award winning media, and 2) keep everybody at a distance.

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      • I tend to see a lot of patterns and feel out for hidden meanings, so maybe there’s some inspiration waiting for you in the hanging out, napping, and pop media. (Do plenty of all that myself!) Just an opinion, but I wouldn’t be hard on yourself, and keep a notepad handy in case you want to take notes for making stuff later. If you have to force yourself to make things and it feels like 9-5 toil, that kind of defeats the joy of creative pursuits in my opinion…


  3. i love your thinking! i just want to do exactly what i am doing, sat as word judiciary setting parameters and getting them to bite…here little malevolents… aim! there we go unfortunatley you can not take good life in the balance…but once your gone i am going back to do what i was doing….anything i want! whilst running your world! wiccan division …..good luck!

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      • lol, yeh well mine is etherial goddess tto dark priestess, using the good books….you will feel every set! 😈🍄 well at least you might get a high five from jesus, the reality being that all JC’s walk blindly and all demons play while they sleep! Standing their unveiling my agel wings, horns and tail shimmering in the sunlight or dark light! i look awesome not to mention my disney colours who needs tattoo’s 😈🍄 i carried my brothers and sisters, i save my arc by taking my levels to release, now i can sit as the highest craft womn and manage the world! i prefer manifesting my needs, meaning your enjoying something it might just be me presenting my needs elsewhere! 😈🍄 unless i take their bodies!

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