In my experience, my perception functions much like my muscles. I can contract or expand it, push or pull in a certain direction. If I remain positive and open, I can maximize my mind just like my body, fully employing my leverage and frames, instead of trying to move something heavy from the most disadvantageous angle and subjecting myself to breakage and strain.

In the past, I’ve toiled without any regard for this particular dynamic, but I now believe it is a crucial element in every endeavor.


31 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Great observation! I have often thought enlightenment, or perhaps even our own divinity, is similar to moving a muscle we have forgotten we have. How could even the greatest guru or prophet explain to you how to move your hand if you did not know it was there?

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  2. your mind may be a powerful tool but it is also a swamp of teen anxst and degenerate oral fixation! degrading sexual events, where eye of the seventees are taking your world in a dark masterful homo0erotic turmoil! Less Bro support more…..glow support! Are you still writing or are you surfing on your numbers! i miss your naughty! Release naughty Buddha….i have a gauntlet for you to pass!

    ]# As i am the dragon i can also devise the reality that you might get passed and some! Prince charming is always so arrogant!

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  3. Even i am going to refrain from biting on this one, your celebration would not be much fun Bobbit in hand! or was we at your neck level again! 🀣 ⚰️ we need a dual gift a firste dition of the karmic good book, i might pop to the market and local book shop to see what they got lol!

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