Some people avoid contemplating their own insignificance because they fear it will induce a sense of powerlessness—why try at all if you’re simply a dot on a spinning blue ball in the vastness of space? But I look at it the other way: given our insignificance and impending mortality, why NOT pursue our dreams and desires?

If there’s anything to fear, it’s the power that comes with knowing we should enjoy our lives to the absolute fullest, because then we are called upon to act on and engage with our unrealized dreams.


16 thoughts on “Musings

  1. You have dreams prey tell! how would you like to pass my lovely!😊 i mean other than waking up next to me and nuzzling into my exquisite ….! Being entertained, adjourned and nurtured by my attention and obsessive sensual desires!

    PS i had a dream, it was being the most powerful, talented, woman who could actually work anywhere! Turns out i can do it all from the comfort of my seat including winding my eye husbands up by tormenting you with my incessant banter!😂 is ten tonight okay, unfortunately gingerbread husband is still awol you will have to attend personally i will get him duplicated!🌹🌹 i will grant your dreams!

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  2. It’s somewhat paradoxical how contemplating our insignificance in the grand scheme of things can be dispiriting for some people and liberating for others. Perhaps it is related to where we seek meaning. Suppose I want my life to be meaningful because it is part of some externally created big narrative. In that case, I can imagine it would be soul-crushing to contemplate the insignificance of any such narrative against the vastness of the cosmos. If, on the other hand, I want to be able to choose and shape the source of meaning for my life, then contemplating the ultimate smallness of all such endeavours (again, in the context of the uni/multiverse) can release a lot of creative potential, no longer blocked by a sense of duty toward some external expectations of how life should be. Thank you for sharing your stimulating musings!

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  3. Try seeing it visually, to be present a tree has to have the same roots as it has in leaves and be equidistant from either to be at balance! It needs enough soil and water to feed the leaves to take in the right Chlorophyl to feed and airate! Sat on the mountains for one set on high their must also be as candle in the bases, whatever you believe we are set as twins mostly seperated in multi levels of the world! But for us to exist an alter must be present! 🙏📖😌🕊️🛐 | ☯ my quote!

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