I’ve tried to obsess my way out of negative circumstances, but more often than not (and I would never have said this as a younger, obsessive man) I have to dream my way out on them; I have to focus on relaxation and positivity (sometimes anger/apathy is the most positive I can be) and allow life to unfold. Even though I may continue to struggle, I’ve stopped fighting in the inward sense.


13 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I find dreaming helps me solve a lot of things, like my brain can focus solely on this issue. It’s not always easy, and I depend on anger more often than I’d like, but I’m almost always better once I’ve dreamt it through.

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    • In my opinion, anger is an integral part of processing negative input, but I too have depended on it more often than I’d like. I’ve gotten much better at it, but I still try and make sure that when I feel anger, it is giving me relief instead of the opposite. Once the anger feels like a burden, that’s when I feel like I’m clinging to it past its expiration date and I need to move on.


  2. I find a good routine breaks the barriers between dreams and reality! Twenty -ish years ago i took on a derelict level terrace and started setting in a garden! Structuring each division with every bundle i caught by wolf-pup from the street! Set my path to raise them in the jurisdictional centre! After flat-packing their demons! Now after recycling and crafting, occasionally getting a woodman in i have a property at the highest level of arts and crafts, a degree several masters, six master carriages and a beautiful museum to art, technology and a mecca to all religions all included with an RHS garden! This was my raising the levels, (Masters and service) to become Queen! Showed the world how to raise their children on all side of the spectrum! Its the process of success is invisible, whilst they were interned to put on jackets i set in and raised their %ages!

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    • Agreed. Minimizing negativity can help, but at a certain point, minimizing negativity is still focusing on negativity. Distraction is an important part of the process, where the scales truly begin to shift.


  3. It’s only natural to get angry. There are lots of things out there that are worth getting angry about. The danger is dwelling so much on anger that you don’t notice there are good things in the world, too.

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  4. At least your world does not collapse! Enjoy siring up as long as you can filter your actions! no violence it is a release you need to control both sides of your personality! I lack to add pre-meditative actions so people die before they even activate! i love linguistics! 😊 your like me you just need a good release key to therapy!

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  5. We often find a negative filter to apply to vent the frustration of not achieving our goals, like fast cars, motorbikes and new selfish personality drives! I like to think of it as an rude awakening! Were your angel goes on holiday for a few months, when you have dodged all other crisis’s! What is yours! lol 😂 let me guess

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  6. Okay. Here it is : life sometimes sucks! But you can’t let all the negative stuff screw you up and make you an embittered person. I am currently fighting this impulse. I have my friends and associates support me on the bleaker, darker days. I treat each day as a “new” adventure in living. So far that strategy is working. Don’t give up. You are NOT alone.

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