Door Into Evermore Review

A great review for a Door into Evermoor!

Rall Mekin, Author

(Minor Spoilers)

This Book Impressed

I have rarely been impressed by an Indy book. We independent authors are known for a few things, little of it good: trite plot elements, surface level themes, poor grammar/spelling, and poor characterization. In other words, our books suck, especially if you buy our stuff for $0.99 on Amazon.

Such were my expectations when I picked up Door into Evermoor, but I was wrong. I was so very, very wrong. This book is a delight to read, a true gem.

An Immaculate Read

Regarding my criticism of independent books: this one lacks all of them. The grammar and spelling are equivalent to something professionally published. I might have seen one typo through all of it, which is typical of what I’d expect in a professional work (editors are only human, after all)—but I’m not even certain. This text is clean and reads smoothly.

The plot…

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  1. This is me bowing to you! blowing you a … for your review! Now about breakfast, i reckon i can refill my gingerbread body with my weighted 175% of masters to bring it home! He requires a new purr-sonality! lol 😂

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