In the absence of positive emotion, I abide in the best feeling I can—typically apathy or anger—while trusting it will open into boredom, mild satisfaction, optimism, and so on and so forth.

Or I could choose to stay negative—wallow in depression and unworthiness and all-consuming rage—and burn myself out, eventually coming right back to apathy.  That’s a long, painful road.  I prefer the shortcut.


15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Negativity can be useful, as long as it is used to spur change to the positive and we don’t get caught in its web. (Easier said than done!) Sometimes we have to find the light, sometimes we have to passively be the light, or sometimes we end up shining the light in someone else’s face so they can see. (How’s that for some philosophical speak? Novice here, but I try!) I hope at least it made you chuckle!

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  2. Sometimes removing “I” from the equation is the fastest route to equilibrium. Sort of a “Fuck what I feel like. Better go hold some doors for old ladies” ritual. Nothing like forgetting yourself for an attitude douche.

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  3. I have never found negativity to be positive, no matter how many times the coin gets flipped. Often it was cynicism that got out of hand or just plain misery at wondering why the world sucks today. Negativity comes, in my experience, from a darker place, where the soul ghouls live. There’s a padlocked box for those.

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  4. retired into dark military division while catching in the judicial cloak set i found all my said personalities filing in! I forgot how fun it was to shut down worlds and kill professionals! parliament seat and goddess structure, masters in everything tantrically saving the world as my in law starts his walk and releasing his ball sack into anything that moves (business division) I enjoy repairing the violence knowing in siring my daughter (her choice) i can reset her and delete off a few more renters of space and wasters of money! (i never retire, my room with a view as lady of the manor, i have more fun playing maid, commander and slaying the assumers of position!

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