I find it unproductive to focus on appreciation when I’m angry or depressed (I just end up fighting my anger or depression and they tighten their grip on me.)

But it IS possible for me to accept my anger or depression, which begins to shift my focus onto acceptance.  From there, I can move onto optimism or appreciation.

In my day-to-day life, this seemingly minor difference in my perceptual approach will determine whether I remain trapped or whether I move toward ease.

16 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I agree
    If it is only the daily grind depression which everyone gets and not the fearful torment of the clinical versions, the depression can be focused as a reflective method. ‘Ok. What am I doing here?’ approach, and indeed move on to optimism and constructive reappraisal.
    Just never listen to the naysayers (Or give them to good old classic… pbbfffft!)

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  2. I so relate to this post! Definitely feel anger a lot with my current situation, but you have to accept it and find a way to move on productively. Meditation and self care have been great for me, but I still have my bad days.

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    • Meditation’s essential, it just sucks that I tend not to realize how beneficial it is until I’ve gone a few days without it, which means it’s easy to put off until the damage is done. I also like to daydream if I’m in a good enough mood.

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      • Oh my gosh, I’m the exact same way. I think I kick it until I need it because I’m always multitasking. All about the daydreams too. Nothing like petting my cat and listening to ambient tracks letting my mind wander. Sometimes I’ll get some inspiration too.

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  3. I feel angry at so much in the world these days. And depressed that no one seems to be taking the problems seriously.
    Short-termism is the rule. Few governments, or people in charge of anything seem to want to see beyond the next few years, at best. What is needed to keep them in power or their lucrative job is what they think about.
    Acceptance of my feelings is essential, I think, to go on to optimism about the future.

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    • Indeed. And also, to stay open to unexpected opportunities. Being consistently negative will shut off perception, possibly to the point where the mind refuses to perceive or acknowledge any chance to improve upon the situation.

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  4. So true. I never can get anything done if depression or anger rear their ugly little heads. Except eat. Those things make me eat. Too much.

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