If our emotions are dependent on measurement and contrast, we will continually come up short, and either exist in perpetual dissatisfaction at best, or unhappiness at worst.  But we have the ability to see it differently—as an opportunity to weave our stories and pursue our dreams.

At that point, it becomes a blessed game, instead of a joyless series of arbitrary tests.

21 thoughts on “Musings

    • That’s one of the most wisest things I’ve ever heard! Indeed, you can achieve satisfaction—it is what it is, things are what they are—wherever you are so you can clear your head and get on with the task.

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  1. I suppose it depends on what you are measuring and contrasting to. If I measure myself to a more diminished version of me in the past, and find that the growth I see brings me joy, then I don’t find that type of contrasting to be counterproductive. I think the most destructive kind can be comparing yourself to others and what they have or comparing yourself to the version of yourself that others want you to be.

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    • I agree with you, that kind of contrast can be helpful. I’ve also seen it go like: “My 20 year old self would be disgusted with me right now.” I try to just stay in the mindset where I either find the joy or don’t compare at all. 😊

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      • Well, sometimes I think when I compare where I am where I want to be, if the experience isn’t exactly joyful there are moments where I need to feel that (even if I don’t want to). I think that motivates me to keep pushing forward when I need to.

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      • 3 hours late on lunch, 🤦‍♀️and I thought all those carbs had kicked in, but apparently not enough because more proofreading problems😅 where I am at versus where I want to be was the gist of what I meant to say starting into my comment above… When I compare those two against each other, sometimes it is beneficial for me to feel the sting of falling short.

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