Dangerous Curves

Brigid Faye writes a beautiful poem about the ultraviolent Echo Volume 2! Thanks for reading, and thanks for the poem, Brigid! I’m honored to be an inspiration!! 😊

Brigid Faye, Reader

The novel Echo Omnibus by Kent Wayne is allowing me to remember some of the training my dad gave me. The only safe place for expression is in dreams, which I apparently started taking advantage of.

Dreams of war

Dreams of conflict

Waking this morn

I feel lighter.

I got some hatred off my chest

In the astral of my dreams

Fighting the shadow people

That make β€œthe world go round”

Breaking security around them.

My every weapon

Meeting. Every. mark.

People underestimate

A small woman.

Easy to be a spy,

And look in close.

No pockets for weapons,

In dreams bio implantations.

The pain of transformation,

Worth the glory of victory.

Beware of Dangerous Curves.

Because a Woman is a Weapon

Of Mass Creation.

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39 thoughts on “Dangerous Curves

  1. You seen a picture of me! lol maybe i should accidently mail you a pic of my HH’S! GLUTEUS MAXIMUS and my…..meow favourite cat! dependant on your composure for someone who likes to share! maybe my little lady hands and feet, all depends on your likenes for dangerous curves! lol

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  2. My upper best friends and husbands would not approve! anyway only my boobs would fit in the picture! I always thought the adds for photocopiers were hilarious! Pictures do not do me justice! i am better in the flesh! lol Its been a while since my size 8 modelling days! Now i am a curvy expression of femininity i miss my little framework, but love my body for its healing capablities!

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  3. Crunches in unison! no squats unless truly exhillerating! Plenty of repetitions and repeats, alot of protein and a nice shower afterwords…qualified fitness instructor and physio! So if you pull something i will be able to reset your ailments! And lingustic cipher cross genre! “core you have pulled!” lolπŸ˜‹

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