Yet another weird ad for my novels

As Kent Wayne’s wiener, my life is filled with terror and pain.

It’s not all holes and tongues.  I mean, yes, they massage me on a regular basis, but that doesn’t make up for the unrelenting wear and tear.  Ironically, that comes from Kent Wayne himself.

Right now he’s sleeping on his disgusting futon, snoring into his brown-stained pillow (Think Kent uses pillowcases?  Think again.  And once you’re done gagging, call the CDC so they can try and prepare for the next microbiotic apocalypse, courtesy of Kent’s reprehensible funk). 

I can’t predict when he’ll strike.  I dunno, maybe tonight will be different.  I hope so, because I am CHAFED.  All I need is a little break so I can reco—

Wait.  Is that—no.  NO.

Blood rockets into my corpus cavernosum, forcing me to stand up straight and stretching my skin as tight as a drum. 


Then his hand descends, flogging me like a nuclear-powered shake-weight.

“BALLS!” I scream.  “IT’S AN AMBUSH!”


Ever been pummeled by a giant, godlike hand that’s been strengthened by decades of weightlifting and untold numbers of high quality protein shakes?  It happens to us EVERY.  FUCKING.  DAY.  I clench my glans, trying to block out the pain, but it’s no use—pretty soon, I’m gonna spasm and barf. 

UnLESS…it’s a long shot…but maybe…

I reach deep into my psyche, tapping the essence for Kent Wayne’s books and activating their reality-distorting powers (think his stories originate in his brain?  Please—it does like ten percent of the work.  I do most of the lifting while brain takes the credit). 

Magic flash.

Kent blurts out a surprised, “What the—” as strength pours through me, freeing me of his odious control.  Point my head at his dumbass face, and—


His disgusted screams are music to my ears.  That’s what you get, fucker!  Don’t you forge—





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