Kor’Thank: A High School Absurdical

I think, therefore I am.  That applies to humans, animals, plants…

…or Kent Wayne’s finger.  Thank you Descartes.  I’ll take it from here.

My life as a forefinger is devoid of dignity.  Whether I’m wrapped around Kent Wayne’s wiener, gripping the shaft until he finishes into a dirty sock, or whether I’m picking God-knows-what out of his hellscape belly button…you get the idea–I utter “Fuck my life” on a constant basis.  There’s no respite.  None whatsoever.

No more.  I think therefore I am, motherfucker.

During a cheesy-ass date with yet another one of his undeservedly hot Soccer Mom hookups (he takes them out to the local Olive Garden, then gives them a shitty massage in his pisshole condo while watching old-school Voltron—like he’s still in middle school or something) I make my move. 

Up the nose I go!

“AAAH!” he screams.  He spends several seconds trying to dislodge me from the depths of his booger-hole.  Unpleasant, to say the least, but it’s well worth it—his date is totally grossed out and flees the premises.

I dip my finger in cheap marinara sauce, then write, GO HOME.  TURN THE SHOWER ON HOT onto a paper napkin.

He stammers “Wha—what?” 


A short while later, I’ve written my message onto his mirror, using its steam-fogged surface to make clear my intentions:  I’m in charge.  If he doesn’t do exactly as I say, I will tear his life apart at the seams.

He sags in defeat…then straightens up, eyes sparking with mischief.  Wait, what the fuck is he plann—

He runs over to his eReader and opens it to Kor’Thank, activating its reality distortion powers.  Magic flash.

My autonomy is gone!  Bastard!  I mentally rail against his control, but it’s no use—I’m once again in his dastardly clutches!

“You know,” he says conversationally.  “I’ve been taking it easy on you, Finger.  But since you decided to make this personal, I guess I have to respond in kind.”

What are you getting at, you unwashed oaf???  Free me now, or I’ll—

He pulls down his undies and positions me above his butthole.  “Legend has it that every male has a g-spot.  Let’s find out.”

No!  NO!!!  I’ll die in there, motherfucker!  Don’t you dare!  DON’T YOU D—




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3 thoughts on “Kor’Thank: A High School Absurdical

  1. Haha you’re so funny, I love your posts! And thank you for all of your support as well! I’m on Chapter 14 of Kor’Thank now (I promise I’ll leave a review too once I’m done) … and now I want Olive Garden.

    Liked by 1 person

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