Creativity is the midpoint between madness and practicality.  It blends the ability to establish patterns between seemingly disconnected points with the ability to exist in a methodical, pressure-tested environment where you can duplicate results.

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25 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Not so sure about the practical part of creativity. It is needed, yet much of mine is closer to madness and has no practical value at all. One reason I don’t create. After cleaning out mom’s house after she died, there was just so much she made or started or never started that was just debris. Creating seems to add more and well, maybe someday!

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  2. “Creativity is the midpoint between madness and practicality” really resonates with me right now. I’m working on the second book in my astrology series and finding that sweet spot in the middle of the two extremes is a major challenge. Volume 2 is focused on health so I’m trying to lean practical, but then my brain comes back being all like “yes, but have you considered: demons”

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  3. I think creativity is more like a passion, heated and charged in a way that makes a person want to forget how practical they should be. I never feel more sane and unified within myself and my own skin as I do when I am creating. Although, I can inadvertently create a lot of mess that seems like madness to others in the process…I am aware enough to know that. 😊

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      • You bring up a very good point about making sure artwork is accessible to other perspectives. Pretty much everything I write anymore is on my blog, and it’s geared more towards documenting what’s going on in our lives circumstantially then it is towards being a creative process per se. Often when I create poetry, I’m not as much concerned about perspective as I am about what I’m trying to say and fashioning it in a way where the words create the portrait in a less expected way. Although I guess that’s not entirely accurate, when I think about it I usually think in my mind as I’m creating the poetry like I imagine the subject of my poem thinks (if the poem isn’t coming directly from my perspective), so I guess there is some form of perspective taking. I think a novelist or anybody who is trying to sell their work certainly has to be more concerned about perspective though.

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  4. I read that 6 or 7 times and it still made my head hurt. Creativity? Sounds more like scientific replication. Creativity seems more like the ability to deduce and then produce a desired productive outcome ie critical thinking. Figuring out how to repair the back gate, gathering the tools and executing the fix is creative as it involves the same process as a painter with a blank canvas. However, art in process is when technique vanishes. Evanescent is the singular word. Where the magic happens. Repeating a process after the same result is reproducibility, is it not? Not to split hairs, and I get the part about performing within boundaries, or constraints, but the magic happens in between broken and fixed, the “aha” moment when thought and work have come together. Maybe.

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      • That still makes my brain hurt, but I’m positive it’s down to simple semantics. You’re driving for similar emotional reactions across varied demographics. As in this piece isn’t for any particular slice, but for as much of everyone as can be expected. At which point Meyers-Briggs kicks in and you know 25% +/-aren’t going to like it, so don’t sweat them.

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      • It’s not so much about haters, there’s just that segment of the population that’s always going to be asynchronous. Which can be beat 1 to 1 but not over a large audience. It’s like the rule of large numbers. I don;t worry about it. It resonates where it resonates and that’s it

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