Old age is not stagnation.  It’s only mistaken as such because too many people use experience/knowledge as a convenient excuse to fret and worry, to barricade themselves inside a prison of comfort.   

I look to those who use experience/knowledge to become extra focused and extra productive, without relying so much on brute effort (as a younger person might).

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6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I love this. Because indeed, aging and becoming old goes hand in hand with being curious and learning new things. I am convinced that we can not stand still, we need to move all the time. That said, progress is not always a big thing everyone can see. Most often, it is the small things that add up. 💜💜

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  2. Very well written … For i think age is just a number and it lies on the person whether he wants to live it with a frown and be complacent about things or utilise that time in something productive and enjoy life to the dregs …

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  3. I have a favorite saying from my time in the RGV – We were driving to Monterrey to do a clinic and I told the guy I was with (after a week of these) I felt old. He stuck his arm out the window, pointed, “Amigo, la montaña es viejas, pero todavia están verde.” Indeed it is. And that’s how we should think of age. How much fun did we have, can we have, not how valuable is my portfolio and all modern music sucks.

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  4. Well said!
    As the big 7-0 beckons in July I have only just begun. It’s like the whole of Creation is lighting up. So much to write, read, footle about with (always make time to ‘footle’)
    If the Reaper comes knocking he’ll be told ‘Sorry guy. Too busy. Look at this pile of projects here. See what I mean? Come back in say….10 years time and we’ll talk about it,’

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