For decades, I practiced strict discipline, regimented logic, and ignored my feelings.  It wasn’t until I learned to listen to my feelings that I was able to truly enjoy whatever I was doing.  If I feel negative, I reach for the most positive feeling that still feels true, even if it’s still negative (i.e. going from fear to anger) and work my way up.  Soon, my instincts became trustworthy, allowing me to take advantage of spontaneous opportunities which brought my long-term goals to fruition ten times faster than I ever thought would happen.

I’m not saying be a slave to your feelings, but I’d say listen closely to them and give them weight, ESPECIALLY when you’re in the highest, most carefree joy you could possibly feel.  I define that state as when you can wish the absolute best for someone you would typically hate.  Maybe you still have to oppose or destroy them, but there’s no vindictiveness.

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3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. My dad thought emotions were useless. My mom was the opposite. But my dad had the biggest influence on me when I was young. It took me a lot of years to finally get in touch with my emotions and give them value and validity. When I did, a whole new world opened up for me. I welcome them all … the good feelings and the bad feelings. And they no longer hold me hostage. This may not be exactly what you were saying, but I think I do understand you. Aint life grand! 🙂

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