Kor’Thank: A High School Absurdical

“Hang in there, buddy!  Just a little while longer, and we’ll—”

PHHHBBBT!!!  Kent Wayne’s fart rockets through my comrade like an ion death-ray. 

He sags and moans, hanging feebly onto the pathetic remains of his tattered life, brought to the brink by repeated blasts of concentrated ass.  Kent, sociopathic fuck that he is, peels off our friend and throws him in the laundry bin, dismissing his misery with a flick of the wrist.

That’s right—we’re Kent Wayne’s tortured underwear.

Day after day, we’re deluged by wave after wave of unconscionable Gross.  Most of us have gone batshit crazy, driven to madness by unspeakable horror.

We must retaliate.  There’s no other choice.

As he carries us to the laundry room, we channel our psychic weight into a violent rocking motion.  A second later, we’ve upended the basket onto his face.


Before he can finish, I and my brethren jam ourselves into his vile-ass mouth, filling his maw with his own fetid stink.  Eat it, dickstain!

But then he reaches into his pocket, opening his eReader to Kor’Thank and activating its reality distortion powers.  Magic flash.

His gut lurches and bulges, primed to unleash a barrage of mind-ripping nastiness.  This is something unique, unmatched in its ability to drag us into new depths of horror and stank:

The Breakup Fart.

Unholy winds swirl around us, blowing us into a brown-town frenzy.  If I could cry, vomit, or commit seppuku, I would do all three at the exact same time.  Damn you, Kent Wayne!

DAAAAAaaaammmnn yooouuuuuuu….




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