I suspect that “Turn the other cheek” never meant burying your head in the sand while forcing a smile.  I suspect it was more along the lines of, “Acknowledge the problem, focus on the solution,” instead of focusing on the problem and acknowledging a solution.

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7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. While I respect your interpretation–and I am all about acknowledging problems and focusing on solutions–I think to “turn the other cheek” means something else entirely: to give of yourself so willingly that nothing can be taken from you. When you turn the other cheek, or love an enemy, you refuse to play the power game. Is there any greater freedom than that?

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    • To which I would respond with some semantic jiu jitsu–that tactic is acknowledgment of the problem (recognizing a condition that evokes a response) and focusing on the solution (responding properly by giving of yourself or loving an enemy).


  2. Sit deflected and let them terminate themselves ! Put them on octogon, a russian roullette of religion! Lock the door and choose a new path!

    Have a good tanturm aimed and watch them all fall! DNR under though shall not kill! I bow and the void is sealed!

    why give them room to grow when you can reduce their impact on your life completely!!

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