Did we come into this world to pay for past transgressions, to save others, to learn lessons, to sacrifice and toil until we earn a heavenly reward?

Or did we come into this world to appreciate the moment and channel a natural, creative transcendence?

I think our beliefs shape our experience.  I think that our moment-to-moment focus shapes our beliefs.

For me, the pertinent question is:  What am I focusing on now?

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20 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Interesting questions for me today, as I have struggled recently with feelings of uselessness. It’s not quite depression, as I have been hospitalized for that before, but more a question of purpose now that I have retired. As a blogger, I seem to have ran out of things to say or it appears I am repeating what is already known, so I feel to quit. This post started me thinking about what am I focused on or if I am focused on anything at all. Thank you.

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  2. Interesting concept to present. As someone who is overanalytical, I find I spend too much time on both the past and the future, while spinning my wheels on what I should do right now to make the necessary changes so I CAN live in the moment. If I lived in the moment and did what I wanted to do without regard however, I’d likely hurt others in ways that my ingrained guilt-o-meter would find objectionable. So I find I carve out the “live in the moment” moments – some through here, writing into fantasy the reality I want, others with the actual people around me who currently share my world. I hope one day I can meld these two worlds – my imagination and my life – so I can live more freely in the here and now. Until then, I hope I find balance and make progress towards enlightenment within this life.

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  3. And there was light. Whatever we do, it should drop positive energy into the cosmic stream. We should be contributors. It needn’t be perfect or pious, the only requirement being good intention.

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  4. That question is a daily challenge for me. I guess my job answers some of that question, but I do struggle to decide quite often what I want to put my time and energy into when I’m at home.

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  5. Our beliefs truly do shape our lives.

    Regarding the questions, we came into this world to live however we see fit. I don’t believe in some entity out there that had already decided what we will do. It’s all in our hands.

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  6. I’m going with ‘Yes’.
    In the Quantum Perspective an object can be a particle or a wave, which seems to suggest a certain duality at the root of Creation, thus both of your positions are able to co-exist.
    When I get in a slough (or sluff)… or trip into a dark place I focus on the sub-atomic, the cosmological and meld those up with my own theistic beliefs then when the ‘Wow’ kicks in, feel better.
    Annndd in the meantime those Epic Fantasy trilogies do not write themselves (well someone has to kick out the words on the keyboard).
    Take care and keep on keeping on.

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  7. My existence was a happy accident, random, IMO. Glad I get to have a life though, even though it sure “tests” you. I don’t think we’re here for any specific purpose. For me, being alive means a drive to live is a given, we can only hope that what shapes us or influences that forward momentum is the best foundation. As to what I’m focused on now and for as long as I can remember is to experience joy along the way, regardless of what I’m doing.

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