There is settling for worse—making excuses to remain stagnant and rotten, perpetuating the fight within—and there is accepting what is, which allows me to give up the internal fight and open my eyes to the best way forward.  Giant difference.

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8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. How does one decide the best path forward? This is where I often get stuck. Follow your heart, follow your head, listen to your gut? The most difficult thing, for me at least, is to look back and know I did what I thought was best only to realize I had it wrong. But, we can only hope we have an opportunity to set things right if and when the next opportunity presents itself.

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    • I try to get in a positive state before I strategize. That way, I can at least assume my mind isn’t being shaped by a negative worldview, which would tend to close me off from perceiving positive possibilities.

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  2. I have recently realized the many mental fabrications I create, believe, and live. It is liberating to let them go. I was expecting you to like the post about Schopenhauer. It has many of the types of sentences you like. Cheers, and thanks for stopping by.

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